Item Manager

Hey, you! Do you often need to meticulously reorganize your TF2 backpack, and is opening up the actual game too much of a hassle to do these things? N– not really, you say? To both questions? Oh… oh, well, if you ever do, or have a friend who does, send them here.

This is how the item manager looks... when it works.


  1. Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable package.
  2. Download the Item Manager, extract anywhere, and run the item_manager.exe executable.
  3. Deeply question your life decisions and where you might’ve gone wrong.


  1. Batch item movement: hold the Control key when selecting items, and while still holding Control, drag the items to their new location. It’ll drop them sequentially after the given slot.
  2. Crafting: hold Control to select multiple items and click the Craft button. No blueprint selection, so use discretion when crafting combinations that may satisfy more than one blueprint.
  3. Delete your crates: can only delete one item at a time (to avoid tears due to deleting something that was selected on another page).
  4. Long version numbers that’ll never reach 1.0: yeah, that’s about it.


  1. Is this tool safe?
    I communicated with Robin Walker (TF founder and Valve employee) and he said it was cool as long as I don’t give any advantages to people who don’t use the tool like free items and idling ability. For what it’s worth, there haven’t been any incidents in the few years that the tool has been out.
  2. What’s your problem, man?
    Life’s just heavy sometimes, man, sorry if I take it out on you sometimes. I just feel like you’re the only person that understands me when I’m at my worst. I don’t mean to make you into an emotional punching bag, though, so I’m sorry for that. You know I love you.


  1. Didrole for teaching me everything about the Steam APIs.
  2. Asherkin for letting me steal his hard work on Protobuf stuff.
  3. VoiDeD for Open Steamworks, you the best.
  4. BakkerTheHacker for implementing a bunch of the non-lite features.
  5. Rick for button icons, beta testing multiple times, and helping debug some multi-threading issues.
  6. Amaterasu, Psycho-Killa, Giraffe, C4rnage, The_Thrill, Triple X, and Grim for some beta testing.
  7. That Hat Guy for bug-testing, helping with updater issues, and triggering a bug fix for an elusive inventory load bug.
  8. Mave for testing expanded backpacks.
  9. Pikachu for testing and helping debug XP2 font crash.
  10. A Noobcake for strong Norwegian man-love. Where’ve you been, man?
  11. You, for perpetuating the strangehold this tool has over my programming life, jerk. Kidding, thanks a lot for using it!