Jengerer's Item Manager

To download, first install the MSVC++ 2010 Redistributable (x86) (alternate link here in case it changes) and then download Item Manager, extract anywhere, and run item_manager.exe.

No longer lite (thanks to Bakkerthehacker for a ton of the new features)! What's new in

  1. Batch item movement!
    After selecting multiple items (see how to do so below), hold the left CTRL button and drag the items. They'll be placed sequentially starting at the slot you drop them off at (skipping slots that already have items in them).
  2. Faster loading! Lightweight!
    Schema caching! Relevant texture loading! Other things!
  3. Less dreadful loading!
    The item manager will now wait for the backpack to come in from Steam before attempting to load the schema and item textures, so you don't have to wait 10 seconds only to have the item manager fail to load your inventory.
  4. New/excluded item scrolling!
    You can now cycle through items that haven't been placed in your backpack yet.
  5. Crate series numbers!
  6. Strange weapon names and kill counts!
  7. Dueling mini-game and noise maker usages!
  8. Paint can and painted item colours!
  9. Item deletion!
    Back by mild demand from one guy who got sick of all his crates! You can only delete items one at a time, though, since I want to prevent people accidentally deleting items they have selected from another page. I'll add multi-delete with a stern confirmation later if people request it.
  10. More of the same incredibly long version numbers you've come to know and love.
  11. Generally improves your quality of life!
    Study used a sample size of just me, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself after using this tool.

How do I use this?

The item manager behaves much like the in-game inventory manager, with a few exceptions/extras.

  1. Navigating through pages: there are three ways you can switch through pages. Use the buttons on the bottom-right, use the left and right arrow keys, or drag an item to the left or right sides of the screen. If you go left on the first page, you'll end up on the last page, and vice-versa.
  2. Selecting items: to select an item, simply left-click on it. To deselect it, click outside of the inventory or click/select another item. To select multiple items, hold the left CTRL key and click which items you want to select. CTRL-clicking on a selected item will deselect it.
  3. Moving items: drag a single item to another slot to move it there. To move multiple items, first select the items you want to move, then hold CTRL and drag them to a new slot. It'll drop them off sequentially after that slot (skipping slots that have items in them already).
  4. Crafting items: crafting behaves like it used to in TF2. Instead of choosing a recipe and then filling in the ingredients, you just select the ingredients and click the "craft" button. A word of warning, though: since there's no recipe selection, you should avoid crafting ambiguous recipes (e.g. 3 force-a-natures can make a primary weapon token or a scout class token). Recipe selection may come later.
  5. Deleting items: just select an item, click the "delete" button, and confirm your choice to get rid of that pesky crate. You can only delete one item at a time for now, since I'd like to avoid someone accidentally clicking delete while they unknowingly have items selected on other pages. May add an option later if there's enough demand.
  6. New/excluded items: the slots that appear on the bottom-left of the item manager are items that haven't been placed in your inventory yet (e.g. items you've just crafted or traded for). Drag them out to place them into the inventory.


Q: What is the item manager?
A: In short, it's the world's greatest war-themed hat-simulator-themed inventory simulator. But really, it's a Windows desktop application that allows you to manage your TF2 inventory without having to open Team Fortress 2!

Q: Wh-- why would I need that?
A: Well, it's so th-- um, it's for those t-- I... I don't know.

Q: Can I get VAC banned or punished for using this?
A: Back when I just started working on this, I asked Robin Walker (VALVe employee and one of the founders of TF) whether it'd be alright (this was after the idling incident), and he said it was okay as long as I don't give you guys huge advantages over the in-game inventory handler.

Q: How do I get it?
A: You'll need the MSVC++ 2010 Redistributable (you'll get an msvcX100.dll error if you don't), and then you can download the ZIP here.

Q: I'm stuck on "waiting for steam message."
A: This usually happens if you have a game opened on Steam or you quickly open and close the item manager. Try close all Steam applications (except Steam of course) for a few seconds and try again. If that doesn't work, try restarting Steam. If that doesn't work, throw your arms upwards and yell dramatically (but really, I'm not sure, sometimes Steam is just wonky, I'm going to look into it eventually).

Q: Should I report bugs and request features?
A: Yes. Yes yes. Yes yes yes. Yes yes ... yes[n-2] yes[n-1] yes[n]. You can post such things in the SPUF Thread or email me here. That said, there are some planned features and known issues, so I'd appreciate if you'd check them out below before emailing.

Q: You gonna open source this?
A: Likely once I get all the features in, since I want to look towards other projects.

Q: What can I do to help?
A: Firmly rest your hand on my shoulder and tell me everything'll be alright.

Q: Any plans on a Mac/Linux version? What about Dota 2 items?
A: Perhaps in the future; the Windows version isn't finished yet, so I'm going to prioritize that before moving forward with other platforms and games.

Q: Any plans on making your website not look sub-Geocities-tier?
A: Hey, this is quite nice, actually. Look at the source for this page, it's so neat and manageable and... yes, that's inlined CSS, what about it? Maybe later.

Planned features:

  1. Sorting.
  2. The return of the bouncy page effect (optionally enabled).
  3. Blueprint selection and perhaps auto-crafting duplicates/metal.


  1. Didrole for huge item interfaces help since ISteamUserItems.
  2. Asherkin for pretty much doing all of the protobuf work for me.
  3. Bakkerthehacker for implementing a lot of the non-lite features.
  4. Rick for button icons, beta testing multiple times, and helping debug some multi-threading issues.
  5. Amaterasu, Psycho-Killa, Giraffe, C4rnage, The_Thrill, Triple X, and Grim for beta testing.
  6. That Hat Guy for bug-testing, helping investigate updater issues, and for triggering a bug fix for an elusive inventory load bug.
  7. Mave for testing expanded backpacks.
  8. Pikachu for testing and helping debug the XP SP2 font crash bug.
  9. A Noobcake for strong Norwegian man-love.
  10. You, for perpetuating the control that the item manager has over my development life, jerk. Kidding, thanks a lot for using it!