What’s this? A moderately aesthetic website?

“Man, that Jengerer has certainly changed, I can hear you utter. “The invertebrate stooge went and cashed in his Times New Roman and manually written HTML page chips for a decent home page. Indeed, our world is a truly dismal thing… a dreary landscape bereft of any principles or moral fiber. If there be such a place as heaven, its monarchs have plainly and unlovingly cast us from their cares.” In response, I nervously insist that you relax with the hyperbole, man, because it’s just a god damn website and you’re being extremely irrational about it.

5 replies on “What’s this? A moderately aesthetic website?”

Heya Jengerer!
I want to say that I love what you do and it’s really useful 😀
Or at least is was…
I have a newer version of the C++ Redistributable (apparently), and lately the manager hasn’t been working. It receives the inventory message, tries to download the item scheme, thinks about it for a bit then crashes 🙁
Is there anything I can do to fix it?

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